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About Us

Mission Statement: To Create Cutting Edge Naturopathic Sleeping Products.
Sleep Support System and is a subdivision of New Zealand Health Shop Limited.
New Zealand Health Shop Limited was incorporated in January of 2002 by Managing Director Kirsten Taylor.
Our Team at SleepDrops is made up of talented people who are qualified in the areas of Naturopathy, Medical Herbalism and Nutrition.
We have many years clinical experience and in helping people achieve their health goals.
Kirsten currently formulates natural health products for 3 companies and has over 9 years of formulating experience.
Insomnia or sleep disturbance or lack of sleep is a growing epidemic and Kirsten Taylor and her team are dedicated to supporting every body get to sleep and stay asleep. There are now over 80 recognised medical conditions known as Sleep Disorders. Many of these sleepdisorders can be ameliorated  by using natural products to bring about homeostasis or balance in the body.
Sleep Drops and all the Sleep Support System products are very special and are made with the needs of our customers in mind. Please check out our testimonials from just some of our very happy customers.
Our offices are located on the Northshore of Auckland City in New Zealand.
We welcome all enquiries. Please communicate with us via the contact us page.
We are currently seeking appropriate International Market partners and welcome all business enquiries.
Please contact Kirsten Taylor our Managing Director on

About Kirsten Taylor our chief formulator
Kirsten graduated the top of her class at Wellpark college of Natural Therapies in 2004 gaining Diploma's in both Naturopathy and Medical Herbalism.
Kirsten began additional training prior to graduating after being "head hunted" to work for one of NZ largest nutriceutical suppliers as a technical consultant and clinical educator to practitioners who had already been in clinic for many years! The technical support training and on going understanding of the body's needs at a nutritional and biochemical level was invaluable to her and this meant GREAT results for her private practice clients.
Kirsten has ( as of 2011) been in practice for 7 years and has gained even more wonderful insight into all of the ways that we humans really heal.
It didn't take long before it became apparent that Sleep is the single most IMPORTANT thing that we can and should do every single night to support our bodies to rejuvenate. And so began the journey into developing what Kirsten describes as the most appropriate Sleep supporting remedy on the planet which she aptly named "SleepDrops".
From the genesis of SleepDrops came the development of the full Sleep Support System - the only comprehensive natural remedy Sleep System that understands and provides 24 hour support. Sleep is 30% of our 24 hour clock - looked at this way we know we must provide support for the full 24 hours in order to re establish balance and healthy sleep.
This website and all the products she has continued to develop are part of her dedication to supporting people to sleep everywhere.
Kirsten holds regular Sleep/Insomnia Wellness seminars throughout Auckland where she lives and has been invited to teach the Sleep Module of "Therapeutics" at Wellpark college of natural therapies in GreyLynn Auckland.
Kirsten's qualifications as of January 2011:
Diploma in Naturopathy ( Honours)
Diploma in Medical Herbalism
Diploma in Nutrition
Post grad certificate in Natural Fertility and Reproductive Care
Certificate in Homeobotanical Therapy