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PPMP are a combination mineral tablet with nutrients specific to the nervous system and to support sleep.

These little tablets can be used for babies, older kids and adults to support sleep. They are chewable or can be crushed and added to drinks to be drunk before bed. For adults we do recommend you purchase the Essential Sleep Nutrients instead.

PPMP for babies - combine with SleepDrops for Babies. Crush the tablet and add to water and syringe it into their mouth or add to their bottle.

PPMP can be for children - any age as long as it is safe for them to chew foods and without choking - these are an absolute gem. The combined ingredients support the nervous system and balance normal sleep cycles.

PPMP for Adults - Take 3 tables at night before bed.

These are "Naturopathic Practitioner Only" from Blackmores which means we are not technically supposed to be offering them to you without a consultation BUT while we are waiting to get ours made at a contract labratory we feel we are doing the parents of NZ an injustice if we don't offer them to you for you to give them to your children.

So combine with either SleepDrops for Kids or SleepDrops for Babies (supervised administration please please - no choking please) and watch your little devil - ooops I mean angel change before your very eyes.

Magnesium: The Great Soother

Did you know that every cell has magnesium-dependent processes? With kids they need magnesium to "calm down" to be able to "sit still" and go to sleep and stay asleep.

Common symptoms of low magnesium levels may include: twitching eyes or muscles, headaches, tinitus (ringing in the ears), quick to anger, muscle craming and waking during the night or hyperactive.... you get the picture!

Price:   NZD $22.50    

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Potassium Phosphate and Magnesium Phosphate 84 Tabs

Adults: 3 before bed
Children over 12: 3 before bed
3 year olds to 12 year olds: 2 tabs before bed
1 to 2 year olds: 1 tab before bed - chewed or crushed

Allergy to one of the ingredients.
These tablets are in a lactose base. There is an average of 100mg of lactose per one table. An adult who is lactose intolerant can tolerate levels of 2000mg before experiencing symptoms so the amount of lactose present in these tablets should not present any problems. And the advantages of taking them should far out way any should they arise.

84 tabs which can be chewed or swallowed. They can be crushed and added to bottles.

P.P.M.P 84 Tabs
NZD $22.50
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