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Have you had a Sleeping Problem for a while or are you wanting the fastest approach?

We would like to introduce our complete Sleep Support System. The most comprehensive and holistic approach to getting you to sleep and helping you to feel amazing during the day. If you’ve had long term sleeping challenges that might have been brought on by a stressful event or continuing events then look no further. It consists of:

SleepDrops for Adults – For getting to sleep
DayDrops – To support your body’s rhythm during the day and to give you energy and to feel balanced
Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients (3 containers) – Containing nutrients your body needs to support a good night’s sleep

These are all powerful products when used alone but together they amplify each other even more. We package them together in our easy to use system which is backed by our full team of naturopathic sleep specialists' support.

There is no other Sleep Support System like this available anywhere else on the market!

So Does It Work? Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Say...

 "I just wanted to let you know I am sleeping a lot better, most nights at least 6-7 hours straight and then will easily fall back to sleep!

I am loving your products and have already recommended to some other sleep-deprived friends and family."
C.B., Auckland


"Hi Kirsten, I'm endlessly impressed by you and your concept. I love your products, they taste great (even my fussy kids will take it) are so easy to use, and they work.

I've been had trouble sleeping my entire life, so it'll take some reprogramming, but with your products I'm certainly getting to sleep sooner (it is so nice not to lie there endlessly every night) and sleeping longer before waking, and returning to sleep quicker.

Thank you again so much. I highly recommend your products and will continue to do so."
Tavia Kane


"Hi Kirsten.

After years of little or broken sleep I made a decision in Febuary 2012 to do something about it. I have been on an amazing journey and I was prepared to try anything to acheive it.

I started with prescribed sleeping pills, exercised five days a week, hypnotism, relaxation tapes, read books on the subject , five different types of over the counter sleeping tablets, had my body clock reset and listened and tried everything I was advised. Although all these things definitely helped I still had problems waking and continued broken sleep.

On July 30th 2012 I found the SleepDrops range and now I sleep, yes I sleep and it definitely works."
Mark Pukekohe



Our Guarantee

We simply guarantee you will love our Sleep Support System... or your money back!


How Long Will It Last?

The Sleep Support System is designed to last 1 month and help you rebalance your body’s natural sleeping patterns. This is the minimum time you need to give your body the chance to remember how to sleep correctly. We will also work with you via email or over the phone to ensure you're getting the best results and advise you on how to continue to experience your new restful sleep patterns.

Price:   NZD $180.00     saving you $39.00

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At full dose the Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients lasts for 2 weeks so this pack contains three containers of the Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients to last you 6 weeks. It takes time to rebalance the body and remind it how to sleep so a month is the minimum you need to give this a chance. Our team will work with you via email and on the phone 08007488393

By supporting your body during the day with DayDrops you will be ready to face all that your day has to throw at you. Words like resilient, calm, energised, stable, bullet proof are used by our customers to describe how they feel after taking our DayDrops.

We know its confusing - why do you need a product during the day to help you sleep at night?
The short answer is you just do... the medium answer is that we live in a 24 hour body clock world and you can't get a person sleeping really well without supporting their adrenal glands during the day and helping them to cope with stress hormones etc
But mostly you should take DayDrops because you will feel great :)

When you get home the Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients will feed natural biochemical pathways to support healthy nervous system function and help you to sleep naturally at bed time.

Before bed you give yourself some more Essential Sleep & Stress Nutrients and start SleepDrops which naturally supports balanced sleep cycles, turns off your mind and ultimately gets you to sleep faster and longer.

This product is only available direct from SleepDrops.

Each products ingredients are listed on the individual product pages. Please read them for more info.

Each product is supported with an information booklet and a protocol sheet so you can easily understand how best to use our products for results - quickly.

General instructions are also available on each product page.

Each of our products is either already liquid or powder made into liquid once mixed with water. We have done this deliberately as many people have compromised digestion and we wanted to do all we could to ensure absorption and bio availability for your body.

People sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients should avoid these products.

There is 0.005grams of dried herb equivalent per 5 drops dose so herb/drug interactions should be impossible.

If you are concerned about this possibility please follow the advice of your medical practitioner.

For people on warfarin we insist you inform your Doctor and allow them to check your levels to ensure your safety.

This offer is exclusive and is not to be used with any other discount offer or special.

This is our one of a kind complete Sleep Support System consisting of:
1 x SleepDrops for Adults 60ml
1 x DayDrops 30ml
3 x Essential Sleep and Stress Nutrients 150gm

Sleep Support System - pack
NZD $180.00
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Your SleepDrops solution is awesome!

Tina Burt

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