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SleepDrops resource center for everyone!

We have many Sleep supporting resources for you including mp3's, PDF downloads and links to youtube guided meditations and much more. Please be generous and share with all of us what works for you. Email us at: 


SleepDrops mp3 download:

One seriously relaxing sleep music CD. Relaxing noises and instrumental music with silently embedded Delta Brain frequencies. The Delta Sleep CD has been developed to support your body to reach deep restorative sleep phases that you may be missing out on

For the Delta Sleep CD click here


SleepDrops Protocol brochure:

For more information about how to use our products click here for the Protocol Brochure


SleepDrops for Adults essential sleep tips brochure:


SleepDrops for Kids sleep tip brochure:


SleepDrops for Babies sleep tip brochure:




For helpful relaxation techniques please visit the link below:


To reduce the blue light emitted from your electrical devices you can download this program.

Blue light suppresses melatonin (our sleep hormone) production which affects sleep onset, making it harder to fall asleep.



Sleep Radio
Do you need music to help you to sleep?